2023 elections: Qualities next president must have


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There are certain qualities the next President needs to possess, and Nigerians need to make the right choice.

 If the next president possesses these attributes and qualities, Nigeria will experience a drastic change and develop economically, politically, security-wise, and in all aspects.

 The change Nigeria needs should not be left in the hands of our political office holders alone. There has to be a collaborative effort for change and development from all quarters and sectors of the nation: from religious leaders down to their followers, and even market women.

 I present to you 12 major attributes/qualities the next president of Nigeria needs to possess to salvage Nigeria.

They are:

  • Vision
  • Managerial tendencies
  • Communication skills
  • Security prowess
  • Financial management
  • Ability to understand and comprehend issues within the nation and the world at large
  • Leadership antecedents (experience)
  • Landmark achievements
  • Business orientation
  • Economic expertise
  • Strict adherence to the rule of law

The next president must have a foresight of what the future of this nation holds. He or she must look beyond the present situation within the nation. He or she must be able to project what will befall this nation in the next five to 10 years, seek a solution and chart a course for the realization of it.

 The leader must be able to look around and see that with the present trend of issues within the nation, this is what will be the turnover within a particular year.

 The next president must be able to manage and allocate the nation’s resources judiciously and must not play with the feelings and emotions of Nigerians.

 Nigeria needs a president who is a good communicator. He or she must be able to communicate effectively and must be well informed. This is in addition to being security conscious and having knowledge of the nation’s security tides.

 This has to do with the ability to manage the nation’s income productively and cut unnecessary borrowing.

The leader must know that nothing lasts forever, that his or her position as president won’t last forever, and must be able to adhere to the rule of law.

The next president of Nigeria must understand that his or her position is to solve issues and project solutions to the nation’s problems.

Knowledge of the past will be needed in solving the present problems.

Questions need to be asked about what the said aspirant has achieved in the private sector. Someone who cannot manage a private sector will not be able to manage the public sector if given the chance.

I will advise Nigerians to vote for someone who has achieved a lot in the private sector to make the public sector more meaningful. The next president of Nigeria must be a businessman.

The next president of Nigeria must understand the economic trends of the nation and must be able to proffer solutions.

The principles and tenets of the Constitution need to be upheld by the next president of Nigeria.

If all of the above are considered and strictly adhered to by the next president, Nigeria will experience development.

Abdulkareem can be reached via 08155455184

Akingbohungbe Oluwadara
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