Academic excellence, result of hard work, says Crescent Varsity best graduating student


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19-year-old Taofeekat Abimbola Okunlola emerged the best graduating student of Crescent University, Abeokuta, with a Cumulative Grade Points Average of 4.88 from the Department of Accounting.  In this interview, she speaks on her journey and how she achieved her feats among others:

What was your journey at Crescent University like?

Crescent University was an insight to what the real world would be like. I have never schooled away from home. So, spending four years with occasional trips back home made me understand how life is. Crescent University taught me how to be independent, among other things. 

Also, co-living with people from other spheres of life raised my tolerance level, meeting new people with new ideas.

What influenced your decision to study Accounting?

Aside from the fact that my dad is also an accountant, I also enjoy handling calculations relating to financial matters. So, I decided to go for it.

How did you emerge as the 2020/2021 best graduating student?

Well, it wasn’t planned, but I achieved this through God, commitment, dedication and hard work.

What was your best course, and which was your toughest?

I enjoyed doing all my Accounting-related courses, and the course I found quite challenging was one of the borrowed courses from the Law Department, Business Law. This was because unlike our normal calculative courses, it was different from what I was used to. After I got familiar with it, however, it was a breeze.

What was your study pattern like?

I mostly study during day because I need my beautiful sleep at night. I don’t study every day, but I get an average of two to three hours of studying.

How did the vision of the school influence you throughout your stay?

The proprietor’s (Judge Bola Ajibola’s) vision of Crescent University is to train students to be fearful of God and still perform excellently well in academics. Crescent University has been a citadel of moral and academic excellence with the aim to ensure that one is found worthy in character and learning. 

Also, constant reminder that putting God above everything has influenced my stay in the school as I’m always reminded that putting God first yields amazing results.

What is your next plan?

My next prospect from here is to pursue my professional qualification to be a chartered accountant and getting my master’s degree.

What advice do you have for upcoming graduates?

My advice to them would be: wherever life puts you, make sure you stand out, always endeavor and strive to be unique. Discover yourself and be open to changes, don’t shy away from mistakes, learn and most importantly, remember to pray.

Crescent University has produced more females with first class than males. In your assessment, what is responsible for this?

Well, not to be gender-biased, but academic excellence is a result of hard work. In a university that ensures students are equal and no preferential treatment is given to any student regardless of gender, having more first class female students than male students simply is a matter of saying females dedicate more time to reading and this is in no way an insult to the male counterparts.

The university provides a fair ground for each gender and it’s a good thing that females have realized that they can partake in academic activities and they’re seizing the opportunity.

Chidimma C. Okeke
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