ASUU Strike : Students’ Existing Condition


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“A politician divides mankind into two classes: tools and enemies”.

-Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1990).

The politicians are making some of us students hate lecturers unwittingly. And some of us don’t even know why ASUU is struggling for universities—and the antecedents of the struggle.

To truly digest the scenario of incessant strikes, one may reason why the government is not responding or fulfilling the demands of ASUU.

Students believe the government does not have them in mind; a serious government would not allow universities to be closed indefinitely, with more than 100 days gone so far.

Students bear the brunt: a student lost an entire academic year to strike and once they clock 30 are no longer eligible for the mandatory yearlong national youth service; he is sidelined for some jobs on account of the age barrier imposed by the government—a misfortune totally not his fault.

The strike never favors students, and they are increasingly making the coming generation detest education. Continuing this kills the nation entirely, despite its prestige in the eyes of the world.

Students continue to receive the comeuppances at the end of each meeting between the government and ASUU principals because the government undervalues education and sees it as a liability, not an asset or human development.

The students are entangled in this imbroglio, I believe and I know almost all Nigerian politicians have no children studying in public universities in Nigeria. If they had been, the strike would be averted in a blink of an eye. Their children are abroad studying with our country’s money and graduating at young ages. We are here bamboozled with a shattered and crippled education system.

Public universities students should handle the 2023 electioneering activities painstakingly not to lose their lives and relationship with anyone because the politicians in Nigeria are birds of a feather.

May Allah guide our leaders to understand the importance of education and continue to strengthen ASUU’s struggle for better public universities in Nigeria, Amin.

©Aliyu Idris, student of Bayero University, Kano can be reached via email at

Aliyu Idris
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