ASUU Strike : Who should students blame—government or ASUU?


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Anyone cognizant with the lingering strike in public universities nationwide will sympathize with students. Now it is clear students understand the government’s negligence and i-don’t-care attitude toward the education sector because their sons and daughters don’t attend public universities.

The government is supposed to do the needful regarding the strike but is showing lackadaisical attitude toward it as if all is normal with the education system and ASUU strike is not in the topic of discussion.

It is more concerned with political affairs than returning students to classes. It’s unfortunate that the issue of ASUU Strike has become a secondary matter to the government in national affairs—sad.

The dreams of public university students have been shattered by the strike, and years piled on their expected graduation date.

It’s a Herculean task for a public university student to graduate after the stipulated time for their studies. Almost every student’s ID card graduates before them.

The victims of ASUU strike have lost hope in learning and scholarship; they shift their focus from education to other life activities such as businesses and learning skills to build their lives since the government failed to save their future.

The statistics of students mobilizing for the yearlong mandatory national youth service is low, compared with when public universities were not almost always on strike.

NYSC camps are filled with HND students, students from universities abroad, students from Nigerian private universities and students from affiliated universities (FCE/COE/Polytechnic graduates).

There may be a ray of hope in meeting ASUU’s demands soon (I pray) because I know Nigerian politicians and INEC will need serving corps members to work for them in the 2023 general elections. If the strike is not called off,the current corps members will not be sufficient in numbers for election duty.

Our striking lecturers are not the problem, the government is. May Allah put an end to this strike menace,Amin.

Aliyu Idris, of Bayero University, Kano can be reached via mail

Aliyu Idris
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