Nigerian youths and their government


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Millions of Nigerian youths play key roles when giving mandates to any political office. Without youths, no politician can attain greatness as they act as a source of protection for the nation in times of war and aggression from enemies.

Any conscious and ambitious nation considers its youths as important because the fate of the nation is under their control as the leaders of tomorrow.

Good and quality education is the fundamental priority that should be given to youths in any society that wants to be better. Making youths reluctant, hopeless, futureless with no focus is a preliminary stage in destroying any society. Job opportunities and other priorities are enhanced via quality education.

Any serious administration focuses and invests much in education to make its citizens a better society; this is happening in seriously awaken nations interested in living a better life.

In Nigeria, anything that should be done to make the nation better is hijacked by its enemies, which include its army and rapacious leaders. Youths are important only during elections and other criminal activities. The Nigerian government is answerable only to Western powers and turns deaf ears to the screams of its citizens no matter their importance.

The Nigerian government is no longer interested in giving better education to its youth, thus, sabotaging their means of acquiring the yet-to-be-completely destroyed education at a higher level by frustrating their body “ASUU” to embark on incessant strike. While children of top government officials are schooling abroad, children of the poor masses remain here to spend extra years in school due to incessant strikes by teachers. But this is just a tactic by the highly placed to preserve high offices for their children so that power could be rotating around their cycle.

They have been shouting no money to fund education but they know how to fund their pocket using massive salaries, greedy allowances, and other unnecessary and frivolous expenses such as furniture maintenance for their offices and residents. Where are we going?

By making the vast majority of the youths hopeless, futureless and ignorant, they feel very okay and comfortable to continue to rule Nigeria in absurd and dangerous ways and no one can raise a finger on them. Forcing ASUU to embark on strike is among their targets. Youths wake up!

Junaidu wrote from Katsina and can be reached at

Abdullahi Junaidu
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