The Nigerian leadership gaffe


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It was announced that President Muhammadu Buhari donated $1 million to Afghans from the Nigerian treasury! This happened amid fuel scarcity, a hike in grocery prices, insecurity, joblessness, and public outcry against bad leadership.

My problem is not the donation, but the razzmatazz of no fund to Nigerians when it comes to their plight.

We are in the third week now since Nigerian public universities embarked on a strike due to the government’s failure to fulfill their demands among which are salary issues and revitalization of the universities.

In his response, the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, has emphasized that the federal government has no funds to fulfill the demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) due to the recession.

But today we can see donations from the same treasury to a country that does not even share the continent with Nigeria.

This is like taking food to your neighbor while your family is severely hungry. I don’t know between Afghanistan and Nigeria which one needs donations most.

The activities and expenses of the current government of Nigeria are for the stakeholders only, satisfying the interest of Western powers while chasing out the interest of the masses.

Don’t be surprised, if you found out this donation was done following an order from America because Nigerian leaders are their puppets.

You will understand my notion if you are rational; also considering the razzmatazz by Buhari over the Russian crisis with Ukraine which Nigeria has nothing to do with. He just takes sides in the crisis clearly due to his blind allegiance to the US and its allies who are against Russia.

Nigeria, suffering from excruciating hunger due to abject poverty and extreme insecurity, is today donating billions of naira to other countries to ease their suffering. When has Nigeria got healed of its suffering? The country that lost all terms of administration; nothing is going on properly in this administration.

It is now clear to Nigerians that this country has lost the focus, foresight and leadership in all means. What we have is some gang of mafias and club of desperately, incompetent and unscrupulous looters embezzling our treasury.

On a final note, I want to know who will now donate some funds to settle ASUU issue. Wake Up Youths!

Abdullahi Junaidu
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