Why patience is a virtue


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Setting up goals and challenging them is crucial as the year progresses while making sure we make them a reality. Let us get rid of pessimism and the syndrome of “get rich quick”.               

Finding shortcuts in life nowadays is the trend with most youths. We just want to sleep at night, then wake up in the morning and realize we are rich.

When we have the advantage of using what we have. When we are living in the generation of technological advancement, when with a snap of the fingers we can make a change, there are unlimited opportunities out there waiting to be harnessed. It is something we should be thankful for.

Just imagine you are thrown back into the era of our grandparents. They did not have things we have now. Mails arrived late after posting them for more than three weeks or so. News dissemination took ages. But they forged ahead. They lived there as they were supposed to and became conquerors.

Just imagine again if they were in our era what would they have achieved? They depended solely on agriculture and nothing like mechanized farming, nowhere to sell their farm produce on the internet. So would we have survived? As it is, what we mostly do as youths on the internet is upload pictures, trying to be who we are not.

It is quite disheartening the kind of disturbing news making the rounds lately in newspapers, radio, TV, word-of-mouth, among others.

Somewhere, youths get involved in ritual practices to get rich. I stumbled on such news recently and was speechless. I thought what could have ignited their senses for such action? Was it poverty? Imitating those who they look up to as role models? Get money in an odd way just to flaunt it? Was it to impress those who oppress them with the story of a good life? What, what, what, what? Their deed has sparked a debate in the Legislature. They blamed it on Nollywood movies.

Meanwhile, a famous Nollywood actor vehemently disagreed. Then, who are we to blame? Was it their upbringing? Was it their parents who left them unchecked? Gosh! It is the beginning of the New Year – just two months!                                                                     

Instead of dragging the issue forth and back, parents should invest in the minds of their wards. Parents should make sure they engage their children with nothing else than education. Children should be told they can become anything they want to be when they are educated. They can attain any height they envision, and make their dreams come true. If it is the TV that made the youths replicate the fake life they saw reeling under their eyes, parents should cut off TV time.

I think some of the films that are occult-themed or ritual, at the end of the movie, the antagonist goes through consequences; which means there is a price to all what we do. Did the children miss all that?

A child’s mind is senile. Walk with a child anytime and observe how their minds work. A little child with a sane mind, who does not know how to earn a penny, for example, on your way to the store you want to buy them ice cream and a flashy fancy car passes by; they will follow the car with their eyes. The first thing they will say is, “Daddy! That’s my car” or “Daddy! I’ll buy you this car!” They just say it with innocence. As parents, what do we always do? We laugh it off. We see it as a pipe dream. It is their silly assumptions without knowing how the world works.

Right there is when we need to correct them. Drum out what it means to work for it. Forget that they are little, and when the time comes, they will get to learn. Nah! Talk to them about how the child would understand you. It is simple: by saying you have to go to school, study hard, come out with good grades, and you will be able to afford it. Simple! When you drum these words for eternity in the ears of your child constantly over the years, it’ll serve as a reminder. They simply grow up with it and know that it is not everything you get on a platter of gold.     

On a quick note, we need to teach our children the virtue of patience at a tender and young age. We should try to help them see the world through the lens of our eyes. That is the only way we can start a better tomorrow today. I hope you have a blessed weekdays ahead.

Abdullahi Ali
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