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Yearly, students are being enrolled into various courses in different higher institutions and thus the battles to get good grades continue.

It is the desire of every student to graduate successfully and with a good result. Every student on campus is a local champion representing his/her community, school or state.

These local champions go through rigorous activities in the process of transmission into finished products-graduates. When graduated, these champions are fed into main stream of the labour market where they join their predecessors that had long been waiting to be absorbed from the labour market.

In the labour market, it is the hard work back in school that pays. Employers always want graduates with good grades, first class or second class upper. Only few lucky ones get job with third class grades and lower.

Every year that passes narrows the chances of graduates in the labour market; even those with good grades, because employers always want fresh and young minds to work with, hence the need to do everything possible in school to graduate with good grades.

Graduating with good grades requires one to do his/her homework from the onset in school. It only requires one’s determination to get.

Below are some basic tips and steps to follow in order to get good grades in school. These steps are from experiences and from what research has proven beyond doubt.

Develop interest in your course of study: The first step towards obtaining a good grade is to develop interest in your course of study. Research and experience have both shown that students who have great passion and interest for their course of study perform pretty well and have good grades. This should apply to all individual courses you take in school.

Attend classes: Try to always attend your lectures. In most cases, points and ideas are elaborated more during lectures than they are in the handouts. Sometimes even tips on how to go about answering questions during examinations are stated in the class. Also, when you attend classes regularly you are sure to have attendance and not to miss out in case of any quiz, short gun (unannounced test) and others.

Know your lecturers: Every lecturer has his/her pattern and what it takes from the students to pass his or her course. Relate in the best appropriate way with your lecturers so as to understand them and know what exactly they want from the students.

·         Read: Read your notes early from the beginning of the semester. Here you read basically to understand better what was taught in the class. Do not read to commit all points and ideas into your memory, but read to understand them.

·         Make good company: Be in the company of friends who will always encourage you to study and go for lectures. Friends who will engage in meaningful group discussions and tutorials; not the other way round of friends.

·         Prepare for test much as you prepare for exam: In most cases with most courses, tests or continuous assessments make up to 30 to 40 per cent of the overall score of a course. When you have a good CA you become less tensed and at ease to have a good score in the exam and hence a good grade.

Read, read and rest: Schedule a great fraction of your time to read against test and exam. Also have a fraction of your time to rest and sleep. This is very important because your body system and your brain need rest. Try as much as possible to avoid spending the whole night in the class reading. This has done more harm than good to students. When you begin to read early from the beginning of the semester you save a great amount of time and energy not to have to stay late at nights reading during the exams.

Lastly, be prayerful, be cheerful and be kind to everyone on campus.

Having good grades in school comes with a lot of benefits and advantages. While in school it leads to many scholarship opportunities. There are companies that offer scholarship to students based on merit. These companies tend to give automatic job offer to outstanding students who graduate with good grades. When you graduate with good grades, you are at an advantage in the labour market as the target of most employers is fresh, young and best graduates.

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