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Here are some fellowship and career opportunities you may wish to consider this week.

Georg Forster Research Awards for African Researchers 2021 (€60,000)

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation presents up to six Georg Forster Research Awards each year to internationally outstanding researchers from developing and transition countries in recognition of their academic record to date.

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It has €60,000 award money and research stay of up to 12 months in Germany possible.

Award winners are also invited to conduct a research project of their choice at a research institution in Germany in cooperation with specialist colleagues there. The award enables a total stay of between six months and a full year, which can be split into multiple stays. If required, we will provide further funding of up to €25,000 to finance academic collaboration – in particular to cover the costs of attending academic conferences, of material resources such as specialist literature or scientific equipment at the home institution, or of including junior researchers.

Who may be nominated?

Eligible for nomination are researchers whose fundamental discoveries, new theories or findings have had a lasting effect on their discipline beyond their immediate research area and who will continue to contribute to developing research-based approaches to the specific challenges of developing and emerging countries. The individual nominated must additionally meet the following criteria:

The nominee’s academic achievements must be internationally recognised and proven by corresponding successes in research.

The nominee may not previously have received an award from the Humboldt Foundation for her/his academic work.

The nominee must be a citizen of a developing or transition country (excluding PR China and India). The nominee must have lived and worked in one of these countries for at least five years at the time of nomination.

You can apply now

DEADLINE: October 31 2021

International Youth Math Challenge

The International Youth Math Challenge is one of the biggest online math competitions for students from all around the world: Unleash your creativity, knowledge, and math skills to win awards and cash prizes worth over 700 USD – take this unique opportunity and participate today!

Since 2018, over 12,500 students from all around the world have participated. This creates a vast network of former participants and alumni.

Over 1,300 teachers are registered and encourage students to get in touch with mathematics. Participating without a teacher is also possible.

IYMC is an international opportunity with participants from at least 98 countries and cities. There are local activities organized by ambassadors.

Qualification Round 2021

You can find the IYMC qualification round 2021 below: To qualify for the pre-final round you have to solve at least three (under 18 years) to four (over 18 years) of the five problems correctly. The math problems vary in topic, difficulty, and subject. The problems range from geometry to number theory to make sure that everyone finds interesting problems to work out! This competition will sharpen your mind and prove your math skills!
Successful participants are honoured with certificates and qualify for the pre-final round of IYMC. The submission deadline for the IYMC qualification round is: Sunday 17. October 2021.

Apply now

Fellowships to Attend the 12th Global Investigative Journalism Conference (Online)

The 2021 Global Investigative Journalism Conference is this November 1-5, and for the first time, we’re doing it all online. The conference is the seminal international event in investigative journalism, featuring practical panels and workshops on the latest investigative techniques, data analysis, online research, cross-border collaboration, and more by the best journalists in the field. Since 2001, we’ve trained over 8,000 reporters, sparked headline-making collaborations, and spread investigative reporting worldwide.

Deadline is this August 17, but spaces are filling up. Apply now!

Winners will be notified via email by the end of September, 2021.

This year’s online conference (#GIJC21) includes a global schedule with regional, continent-specific programs, multiple language translation, and lots of networking opportunities.

Admission is just $100 USD — for five days of programs — but if you can’t afford that, GIJN is offering fellowships to journalists in developing and transitioning countries.


+ Open to full-time print, online, television, video, radio and multimedia journalists in developing or transitioning countries. Part-time reporters whose primary career is journalism are also welcome to apply.
+ Experience in investigative or data journalism is a plus.
+ A working knowledge of English, with the ability to understand panel discussions and workshop talks.

Fellows will get free admission for the full duration of GIJC21, plus access to watch the conference videos on demand after the event is over.

SPECIAL CATEGORY: Environmental and Organized Crime

GIJN is offering special fellowships to journalists to increase their reporting skills on environmental and organized crime. You can select this track in the fellowship form. These fellowships are made possible by support from the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime.

Programme focuses on religion reporting [Nigeria, Sudan]

Nigerian and Sudanese journalists can apply for this free six-week online course.

The International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ), in partnership with Code for Africa (C4A) and Sudan’s Ayin Network, is offering a program for Nigerian and Sudanese journalists to help citizens overcome barriers to religious freedom.

The course will teach data-driven forensic research techniques for analyzing online extremism and militancy, along with investigative journalism skills for producing compelling multimedia storytelling about religious freedom and tolerance.

Participants will receive virtual in-person training, mentorship and grant opportunities. 

The deadline is Aug. 25.

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