Top businesses you can start with N100,000  (I)


The world is gradually giving more attention to entrepreneurial endeavours as improved technology as well the global COVID-19 pandemic is cutting more and more jobs.

In Nigeria, the unemployment rate stands at 53 million people in a population of slightly above 200 million. According to the World Bank in its statistics this year, over half of the unemployed Nigerians are youth who are active and within the labour age.

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However, they are left with no job while some who have the job are categorised as underemployed. This means that someone who is a graduate is doing a job meant for an unskilled worker, just to eke out a living.

This is why the federal government and even the state governments are harping more on skills acquisition as well as youths engaging in an enterprise. In this piece, the Daily Trust Careerville explores some businesses you can start with a N100,000 capital. This makes you an entrepreneur who with zeal and passion, can grow a business empire like Aliko Dangote of the Dangote Group and Abdul Samad Rabiu of the BUA Group, rather than file in hand searching for white-collar jobs in futility.

Printing business

You can start a printing business from scratch with N100,000. All you need to do is learn the basic computer design and marketing skills and you could begin to earn in no distant time.

There are various kinds of printing works, from design and printing of posters, books, calendars to the engraving of images on shirts and other gift items.

Patience Enotse Egwurube is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Enotse Printing Solutions in Abuja. The young lady, who is now a councillor in Benue State, learnt the rudiments of printing and continued that way, getting projects around Abuja.

“I was into printing, in Abuja, I’m the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Enotse Printing Solutions, but I shut the business down now because one of my campaign promises to my people before being elected as a councillor was to move back to the village – Igumale,” she said.

“My advice to the teeming idle youths is for them to resist every form of evil, learn handiwork and start doing something until God blesses them with a government job,” Egwurube advised.

Mr Chinedu Okoronkwo is a printer at the UTC Centre, Area 10 in Abuja, he spoke about what it takes to be a printer. With equipment for even Direct Imaging (DI) printing now, Okoronkwo said he did not start that way.

 “Well, I served as an apprentice earlier. But when I started, I didn’t have up to N50,000. I simply started as a marketer, got projects, worked on them and took to a printing press to print. Later, I got a shop and it goes on that way.”


Just like Stella Abah, you can start a shoe-making business and use your social media marketing skills to turn it into a bigger business. Stella simply raised N30,000 and got some sample designs, which she took to some cobblers. He got over 15 pairs of shoes and started her marketing.

 “When I was done with the first batch in just one week, I told myself this is what I should invest more on. I have since moved to a place in Kaduna where I display my shoes and also some machines with people to operate them.”

Joseph Lucas is also into the shoe-making business in Abuja. He said with the efforts and assistance by SEDIN, an empowerment programmer, his business has moved from producing just 10 shoes per month to 60 pairs.

Hareera Siman is also a female cobbler in Kaduna. “Shoes’ business has been my passion right from the on-set so I decided to take it up as it is lucrative and a means of creating employment for other youth in the society. Even though the business is quite lucrative, I do not aim at the monetary gains.”

The start-up requires just a little capital she noted. “I aim to become a role model to other youth who are still working hard to get white collar job. Someone can start a shoe store with as little as N20,000 not necessarily with huge initial investment capital, depending on your inventory selection and shoe location.

 “However, the right location is extremely critical to the success of a shoe retail store.”

Hairdressing, accessories shop

Hairdressing is a business you can do with little money, but that is if you already know how to make hair. However, with a little research, a male or female can decide to run a hair accessory retailing store.

Onyi John lives in New Karu town in Nasarawa State and she is one who has found love with what she is doing.

“I had learnt to make hair when I was in secondary school. After graduating and having completed my NYSC, I thought I could start making hair again while I search for a job. I had some N25,000, which I had saved from the NYSC scheme. I bought some hair braids and accessories in retail form from a dealer in Wuse Market in Abuja and began to braid designs in vogue.

 “By the time I sold these hair braids, my profit was nearly 50 per cent. I have since improved on that by charging a fee for braiding hair and also retailing to other hair makers in my location.”

 Jennifer Oloh does the same too in Kubwa, Abuja and she shares a secret. “You can improve on your hair making and accessories business by taking courses on YouTube, learning from other bigger shops and keeping with the trend of hairdo. However, you don’t need much to start; just with N50,000 or less and you are already on the pathway to expanding a hairdressing business.”

Watch out in subsequent editions for more businesses you can do with as little as N100,000 seed fund.

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